Hi, I’m Michał Kasperski,
environmental designer,
real-time 3D artist and

passionate about designing and visualizing better futures 🌎
Author of the award-winning project Reviving the Rural,
co-founder and creative director at Drip Visual

TU Delft Architecture graduate
with love for natural environment and technology.

Sharing a unique perspective by bridging the worlds of high-tech and low-tech solutions
inspiring people to imagine and build better, resilient futures
in the era of environmental challenges and rapid technological advancements.


My work is on one hand highly inspired by technological solutions characterized by their simplicity, accessibility, and use of readily available local, natural materials. Using regenerative design principles and bio-based materials I love to engage with design processes in which the most is extracted from the least through intelligent design thinking.


  • circular economy
  • regenerative design
  • bio-based construction materials
  • self-sufficient neighbourhoods
  • permaculture
  • timber construction

Reviving the Rural


On the other hand, I have always been fascinated by the cutting-edge technologies allowing us to deal with complexity and push the boundaries of innovation and imagination. As a spatial designer I am particularly interested in exploring technologies weaving digital and physical worlds and their potential to inform one another constructively.


  • real-time workflows
  • immersive XR experiences
  • spatial computing
  • photogrammetry
  • renewable energy systems
  • industrial bio-based prefabrication

Drip Visual